J-52 Hand Tools Ratchet Armored Cu-Al Cable Cutter Scissor

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J-52 Hand Tools Ratchet Armored Cu-Al Cable Cutter Scissor

The J-52 Hand Tools Ratchet Armored Cu-Al Cable Cutter Scissor is a specialized and efficient cutting tool designed for precision cutting of armored cables made from copper (Cu) and aluminum (Al). With a focus on versatility and ease of use, this hand tool combines a ratchet mechanism with scissor-like cutting action to deliver reliable performance in various applications within the electrical and telecommunications industries.
1. Ratchet Armored Design for Controlled Cutting:
The J-52 features a ratchet armored design, incorporating a ratchet mechanism for controlled and precise cutting. This ensures that the operator can make incremental cuts with enhanced control, making it ideal for applications where precision is crucial, particularly when dealing with armored cables.
2. Versatile Cu-Al Cable Cutting:
Specifically designed for cutting both copper and aluminum cables, the J-52 provides versatility in handling different cable materials commonly used in electrical installations. This makes it a versatile tool suitable for a range of tasks encountered by professionals in the field.
3. Scissor-Like Cutting Action:
The J-52 employs a scissor-like cutting action, allowing for efficient and clean cuts through armored cables. This design enhances the ease of use and contributes to the overall efficiency of the tool, making it suitable for various cutting scenarios.
4. Hand Tools for Portability:
As a hand tool, the J-52 offers portability and flexibility, making it suitable for use in diverse work environments. Its manual operation allows professionals to carry and use the tool without the need for external power sources, ensuring adaptability on the job.
5. Durable Construction for Longevity:
Engineered with durability in mind, the J-52 is constructed using high-quality materials to withstand regular use under demanding conditions. Its robust build ensures a prolonged working life, providing professionals with a reliable tool for consistent and efficient performance.
6. User-Friendly Operation:
The J-52 is designed with user-friendly features, including ergonomic handles for a comfortable grip. This design minimizes operator fatigue during extended use, contributing to a positive user experience and enhancing overall productivity.
In conclusion, the J-52 Hand Tools Ratchet Armored Cu-Al Cable Cutter Scissor is a versatile and durable tool designed for the precision cutting of armored cables. Its combination of a ratchet armored design, scissor-like cutting action, and user-friendly features make it an ideal choice for professionals in the electrical and telecommunications industries seeking a reliable and efficient cable-cutting tool.
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Products Features

1. A cable cutter is used to cut off Copper/Aluminum/armored cables, and telecommunication cables. It is an ideal tool for electrical engineering construction.

2. The blade is made of alloy steel and can withstand long and intense work after forged and special heat treatment.

3. It has a reasonable structure, lightweight, labor-saving, and easy to carry and operate.




Product Parameters



Cutting Range

Cu/Al/Armored cable≤500mm2




397(Extension 568)*165*54mm

Product Details


60SI2MN spring steel material, stainless steel locknut, which makes the blade have good mechanical properties, high hardness and toughness, and the surface blackened is not easy to rust.

2. Seamless steel tube handle, forged eccentric

Seamless steel tube handle, durable and strong, MVQ material insulated handle, comfortable grip. Forged eccentric joints, high density of metal material, less pores, durable, and not easy to break.

3. High-strength screw

10.9 high-strength screws, beautifully coated to prevent rust, and improve hardness and durability, The movable pins are made of 60SI2MN and have high strength.

4. Precision tooth design

Reasonable design, firm and non-slip made the gear speed ratio adjustment, cutting speed increase, labor-saving and efficient, durable.


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