Classification and application of hydraulic tools


Hydraulic tools include hydraulic wrenches, electric pu […]

Hydraulic tools include hydraulic wrenches, electric pumps for hydraulic wrenches, hydraulic jacks, hydraulic bolt tensioners, hydraulic flange separators, hydraulic nut breakers, hydraulic pullers, etc. Hydraulic tools have the advantages of high efficiency and convenience. Hydraulic tools have been widely used in steel, shipbuilding, electric power, petroleum, chemical, railway, metallurgy, bridge construction, and other engineering maintenance and emergency repair operations throughout the world and China. They also serve a large number of building crushing and demolition, engineering construction, road construction, water conservancy, etc. Construction occasions.
Advantages of hydraulic
1. Generally, mineral oil is used as the working medium, the relative moving surface can be lubricated by itself, and the service life is long.
2. Lightweight, small size, small movement inertia, and fast reaction speed.
3. Various components of hydraulic transmission can be conveniently and flexibly arranged according to needs.
4. The overload protection can be realized automatically.
5. Convenient operation and control, which can realize a wide range of step-less speed regulation (speed regulation range up to 2000:1).
6. It is easy to realize linear motion.
7. It is easy to realize the automation of the machine. When the electro-hydraulic joint control is adopted, not only a higher degree of automatic control process can be realized, but also a remote control can be realized.