Classification of crimping tools


In the early wire connection, the spot welding method a […]

In the early wire connection, the spot welding method and the winding method were commonly used. Spot welding is the use of special spot welding technology to fix the wires and the carrier together; however, whether it is spot welding or winding, there are defects that cannot be ignored. Therefore, a new type of tool-crimping pliers born in modern industry , To change this embarrassing phenomenon.

Crimping tools range from the simplest ratchet crimping tools, to medium semi-automatic crimping tools, and advanced digital crimping tools. Each type of crimping tool has a stronger comprehensive function. The semi-automatic crimping pliers are slightly more convenient. You only need to align the crimping cross section. The crimping pliers will have multiple notches. We talk about the crimping pliers from 0.5-6mm2, which refers to the applicable cable cross section.

In order to unify the cable diameter, a fixed cable diameter is adopted internationally, so the cable diameter is generally standard, and the specifications of the notch on the crimping pliers are also corresponding. You can directly crimp the wire without worrying about the strength control; The display crimping tool may be regarded as a relatively advanced crimping tool in the industry. First of all, the digital display crimping tool has a larger crimping range, a digital display to adjust the cross section, and more types of crimping terminals are applicable. The crimping accuracy is higher, and the crimping can be performed at the same time.