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What are the precautions when using hydraulic electric pumps

Taizhou Naibo Machinery Co., Ltd. 2022.01.24
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The hydraulic electric pump is a kind of hydraulic mechanical equipment that we often use. The hydraulic electric pump produced by our company has uniform flow, stable operation, low noise, higher working pressure, and volumetric efficiency than a gear pump, and a more complex structure than a gear pump. The output flow of the hydraulic electric pump can be adjusted according to the needs, which is called a variable pump, and the flow that cannot be adjusted is called a quantitative pump. There are several points that need to be reminded of when the hydraulic electric pump is used.
1. The hydraulic electric pump must be placed smoothly during installation. If the pump is placed on an unstable plane, each direction of use is inclined or vertical, which may easily cause the pump to slide down and cause injury. So the pump should be installed in a stable place and fixed firmly.
2. Do not use the pump in rainy wet or dusty places. Also, do not be exposed to direct sunlight, be careful that the temperature of hydraulic oil rises, causing trouble for hydraulic equipment. If it is used in severe cold areas, change the viscosity of hydraulic oil. As the viscosity decreases, the temperature of the oil is likely to be controlled.
3. Be sure to take safety measures when using it, when the hydraulic equipment is operating, protect your own personal security work, clothes and shoes, safety glasses, etc. Do not pull out the power plug with wet hands. Use a grounded receptacle or plug adapter grounding accessory to protect the operator from electric shock. Do not operate the pump's welder or ground the material or equipment. Power supply 50/60Hz single-phase. Make sure your line voltage must be the same as the voltage the pump is wired for. Connecting to the wrong voltage or voltage drop should cause a burn or heat.
4. When the hydraulic electric pump discharges oil to the outside, pay attention to the height of the top plate of the oil tank between the liquid level and 30 cm. The purpose of this is to ensure the lubrication and cooling of the internal bearings of the hydraulic electric pump. If the working chamber volume of the hydraulic electric pump is too large, an additional oil tank needs to be set up. This is done so that the height of the liquid level for the outward discharge of oil should not be less than 100 mm to prevent it from being sucked out.
5. The oil filter screen of the hydraulic electric pump should be cleaned in time or often to prevent obstruction. When the user uses the oil tank, the temperature of the oil should not exceed 60 degrees Celsius, and measures should be taken to cool it if necessary.