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What is the usual maintenance work of hydraulic electric pump

Taizhou Naibo Machinery Co., Ltd. 2022.02.09
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Hydraulic electric pump center refers to an electric pump driven by hydraulic pressure. When arranging the use of a hydraulic electric pump, in order to prevent other things from falling into the instrument, all the holes should be covered.
The electric pump is actually like a pump using electric energy. The electric pump is composed of the pump body, the water pipe, the pump base, the submersible motor, and the starting protection device. The hydraulic electric pump body is the working product of the electric pump, which is composed of parts such as the water inlet pipe, the guide shell, the check valve, the pump shaft, and the vane. There are two types of approaches for securing the blades to the shaft.
The hydraulic electric pump has a high effect, and it also brings great convenience and effect to the far-reaching consumers and is therefore recognized by you. Moreover, its maintenance work cannot be neglected, and the quality of maintenance will immediately to its service life. The hydraulic electric pump is a kind of power transmission and control device. You can use it to exchange mechanical energy-hydraulic energy-mechanical energy. It is just for you to do its usual maintenance work. Only in this way can it be effectively pulled. With the long-term effect, I hope to make his application boundaries more popular.
The drive shaft of the hydraulic electric pump is driven by the diesel engine to rotate and drives the cylinder block to rotate. The plunger and the cylinder block in the cylinder block rotate together. The swashplate does not rotate, it just oscillates left and right around its center point. The spherical part of the left end of the plunger slides on the swashplate. When the upper plunger in the figure turns to the lower side, the plunger travels a stroke from the bottom dead center to the top dead center in the axial position.
The hydraulic electric pump is used as an intermediate medium in the hydraulic transmission system, which plays the role of spreading and exchanging energy, and also plays the role of lubrication, anti-corrosion, cooling, and flushing of the various parts in the hydraulic electric pump. Appropriate viscosity, good viscosity-temperature characteristics, viscosity is the factor to consider when selecting hydraulic oil. Under the same working pressure, if the viscosity is too high, the movement resistance of hydraulic products increases, and the temperature rises to accelerate the self-priming ability of hydraulic electric pumps. The pressure drop and power loss increase; if the viscosity is too low, the volume loss of the hydraulic electric pump will increase, the internal leakage of the component will increase, and the oil film of the sliding product will become thinner and the supporting capacity will decrease.


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