Pay attention to the tips of buying cable cutters


With the rapid development of industrial technology, ca […]

With the rapid development of industrial technology, cable cutters are used more and more in our work, and become one of the necessities in our work and life. It is especially suitable for the cutting of high-voltage PE, telephone line and other cables. It is widely used in many industries such as electric power, railway, automobile manufacturing, road, aviation, petrochemical industry, etc. Many industry practitioners will face the situation of purchasing cable cutters. However, there are so many cable cutter manufacturers, brands, specifications, etc. on the market today. How can we accurately select the better cable cutter in so many cable cutters?
1. the correct choice of cable cutter types
Cable cutters can be divided into manual, ratchet, hydraulic and electric, depending on the purpose of the machine. We need to select the correct cable cutter according to our actual use requirements. The manual cable cutter is only suitable for the cutting of small cables. It is very laborious to cut large cables; the ratchet cable cutter is suitable for cables with larger diameters; the hydraulic cable cutters and electric cable cutters are convenient and labor-saving to use. Apply those thick cables. It is necessary to find out the type selection, otherwise it will be more troublesome to buy it and not to apply it.
2. from the outside to view the quality
We want to buy cable cutters and hope to buy better quality, but our ordinary people do not have the knowledge to distinguish between good and bad, then we can apply the simplest way to distinguish between good and bad, that is to distinguish the pros and cons with the eyes. The appearance of the high-quality cable should look uniform and moisturized. Plastic parts such as plastic handles do not have scratches, shadows, dents, etc., and the assembly of the sword of the outer casing parts should be tight and seamless (the misalignment is controlled at less than 0.5 mm). Inside; aluminum castings are beautifully finished without damage, and the entire surface is free of oil and other stains. And we can also distinguish its pros and cons from quality and feel.
3. the choice of manufacturers
If you can't choose the cable cutter correctly from the above two aspects, we can use the most "stupid" method. Cable cutter manufacturers are well-known, such as Taizhou NAIBO Machinery Co., Ltd, the quality of the cable cutter products produced by large manufacturers are relatively guaranteed, and users can tell the manufacturer that your use needs are recommended by the manufacturer. Applicable cable cutter models, the price does not have to worry about the unified pricing of large manufacturers will not pit people. So when we don't know how to choose the cable cutter, we can choose the manufacturer.
4. the choice of price
The budget for our cable cutters is different. The functions are different, the quality is different, and the performance is different. The price is definitely different. It is certainly good to buy a cable cutter with a higher price when the money is sufficient.