What are the characteristics of different types of cable cutters


The cable cutter is a cutting pliers specially used for […]

The cable cutter is a cutting pliers specially used for cutting cables. The two blades are staggered and can be opened and closed. The cable cutter is a large-scale scissors designed by using the "leverage principle" and "pressure is inversely proportional to area". In order to strengthen the strength and convenience of the cable cutter, the cable cutter has developed a ratchet cable cutter from the traditional manual cable cutter, and hydraulic cable cutters, electro-hydraulic cable cutters, and all-electric cable cutters have appeared one after another.
Manual cable cutter
The manual cable cutter is similar to ordinary scissors, with a larger shape, a longer handle (leverage principle), and a harder blade. Manual cable cutters can easily cut small cables, but large cables require a lot of hand power.
Ratchet cable cutter
It includes a handle device, a cutting device and a pushing device. The pushing device of the cutting pliers is driven by two gears to drive the teeth on the movable knife body to advance, so that the movable knife body and the blade part of the fixed knife body are pushed forward. The circular part formed is gradually reduced to achieve the effect of shearing. The gear pushes the gear on the movable knife body in a tangential direction, and the gear pushes the teeth of the movable knife body with multiple teeth to disperse the pushing force. On the clamping teeth, the clamping teeth are not easily damaged, so as to prolong its service life.
Hydraulic cable cutter
It includes a clamp, which is characterized in that a clamping groove, a chain ring groove, a movable knife guide groove and a static knife guide groove are processed on the clamp, a hydraulic cylinder with a flange is clamped in the clamping groove, and a plunger is arranged in the hydraulic cylinder body , The left end of the movable knife is connected with the right end of the plunger through the return plate, and then the hydraulic cylinder body is clamped into the clamping groove of the fixture through its flange, the movable knife is placed in the movable knife guide groove of the fixture, and the static knife is placed in the fixture The static knife guide groove. When in use, first put the sheared chain link into the chain ring groove, and then inject high-pressure liquid into the cylinder. Under the action of hydraulic pressure, the plunger pushes the movable knife to move, and cooperates with the static knife to form a shearing force. The chain is cut.
Electric cable cutter
The electric cable cutter uses a lithium battery as the power source. There are multiple sets of gears inside the equipment, and the blades are opened and closed through the rotation of multiple sets of gears. Electric cable cutters can easily cut large cables.