What are the precautions for the operation of the wire stripper?


There are many types of wire strippers, and the specifi […]

There are many types of wire strippers, and the specifications produced by different cable stripper manufacturers are not the same.When users buy wire strippers, they can also judge which types of products to choose according to some parameter reports provided by the merchant.

Note for wire strippers:
1. Please wear goggles during operation.
2. In order not to hurt people and objects around the fragment, please confirm the direction of the fragment's splash before cutting it.
3. Be sure to close the blade tightly and place it in a place where children cannot reach out.

How to use wire strippers
1.First, move the locking paddle of the crimping pliers to make the wire stripping pliers open.
2.Find the stripping hole that is close to the thickness of the wire to be stripped but slightly smaller than the thickness of the wire.
3. Put the wire into the wire stripping hole and squeeze the wire stripper. After squeezing, the outer skin of the wire will be cut, and the cut wire outer skin will be peeled off by hand or a vise to complete the stripping.