What should be paid attention to in the operation of pneumatic hydraulic pump


1. Make sure that there is no dirt in the oil pipe and […]

1. Make sure that there is no dirt in the oil pipe and the joints, connect the oil pipe to the pump and the tension jack tightly and try not to disassemble it in dusty situations;

2. Blow off the dust in the air duct and turn on the power;

3. Turn the air valve switch of the air pump in the direction of the arrow, the air pump starts to work and outputs high-pressure oil;

4. Push the pull-out anchor switch lever in the direction of the arrow to output high-pressure oil to the jack, and the jack starts to pull or pull out the anchor;

5. Adjusting the oil pressure of the pneumatic oil pump: Remove the screw of the fuel tank cover, open the fuel tank cover, and use the S4 hexagonal wrench to adjust the adjustment screw of the relief valve. If the outlet pressure is low, turn the adjustment screw inward, and vice versa. After the pressure is adjusted, put the fuel tank cover gasket in place, close the fuel tank cover, and fasten the screws.

Note: When used for the first time, there may be air in the oil circuit, which is not conducive to the establishment of oil pressure. If the pump cannot build up oil pressure on the oil circuit, please put the pull-out anchor switch at the stop position, let the pump run without load for about 15 seconds, and then push the switch rod to the pull-out or anchor pull-out position to make the jack run with no load One cycle, if there is a problem, repeat the above process.

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