60100 Series Standard Snap Ring

60100 Series Standard Snap Ring

Product use and characteristics

Our standard calipers and snap rings are essential pipe tools designed to provide accurate measurements and facilitate pipefitting tasks. These precision instruments are crafted to the highest standards, ensuring reliability and durability in demanding industrial environments.
The standard calipers enable precise measurements, making it easy to determine pipe dimensions with confidence. They are versatile, ideal for assessing pipe diameter, length, and alignment.
Snap rings, on the other hand, simplify the process of securing pipes and ensuring leak-free connections. They offer a secure grip and can withstand substantial pressure, contributing to the integrity of the pipe systems.
These pipe tools are indispensable for professionals in the plumbing, construction, and maintenance industries, guaranteeing efficient and precise work, along with long-lasting performance.

Product parameters
Caliper type Caliper/snap ring specifications
GB series double card (for stainless steel pipe fittings) S63.5
Caliper type Caliper/snap ring specifications
European standard dual card (for stainless steel fittings) M67
product details
Scope of application

Wide range of uses

Widely used in electric power, steel, petrochemical, mining, railways, highways, pipelines, sea rescue, etc.Cutting pliers for cutting cables, shipbuilding, bridges, aviation, metallurgical chemicals, etc.