Manual hydraulic hose crimping tool cable crimping pliers EP-430

Manual hydraulic hose crimping tool cable crimping pliers EP-430

Product use and characteristics



Product parameters
Model EP-430
Crimping Range Cu 50-400mm²
Crimping force 12T
Crimping type Hexagon
Stroke 32mm
Oil capacity 145cc
Weight 6.5kg
Standard accessorries 50,70,95,120,150,185,240, 300,400mm2
product details

1.C-shape head design

It is convenient to put and remove the terminal, the upper die is fixed by the bayonet lock, the lower die is fixed by the marbles, and the die is clamped against the marbles to prevent it from falling off during the decompression process. The mold can be removed by pushing with your hand.

2.Die change switch

When the pressure is completed, turn the handle 45°clockwise, close the handle, collide the pressure release valve switch to return the lower die.

3.Insulated handle

withstand voltage 20KV for five minutes.

4.Big piston core: double speed design of PRESSURE RELEASE valve switch

With two-stage hydraulic technology, low speed, high slowness. When no loade, the pressing dies quickly press to the position of the terminal. Then the pressure begins to increase,  the tool turn to slow speed until the terminal is crimped.

5.Insulated and shockproof packing

Thickened plastic packaging makes it easy to carry.

Scope of application

Wide range of uses

Widely used in electric power, steel, petrochemical, mining, railways, highways, pipelines, sea rescue, etc.Cutting pliers for cutting cables, shipbuilding, bridges, aviation, metallurgical chemicals, etc.