How to use coaxial cable stripping machine and matters needing attention


1.How to use semi-automatic coaxial cable stripping mac […]

1.How to use semi-automatic coaxial cable stripping machine: first turn on the power and set the parameters (line length, stripping length, total number, fixed number, speed, etc.) according to the processing requirements. Push the wire to be processed through the foolproof jig on the cover of the knife holder until it is against the closed opening of the blade. The sensor will automatically issue a command to the clamping device to automatically clamp the cable, and the stripping knife head will start rotating and stripping. After the stripping is completed Take out the wire.

 Note: Before mass production, you must try to strip a few wires to check whether they meet the requirements of the drawings, whether they are not clean, peeled off the outer skin, peeled off the inner core, peeled off, etc., and cut off the power supply in time after the production is completed. Clean up the desktop and machine.


2. How to use the automatic coaxial cable stripping machine: first check whether the power is turned on, then put the wire delivered by the wire feeder into the wire straight, and then press the feeding command on the screen, the wire will be transported through the pendulum wheel Go to the rotating blade holder for the first circular cutting, and then send the wire to the material nozzle through the feeder bearing to the V-shaped blade holder to start the process of stripping. After the stripping is completed, the stripped wire harness will be sent out through the outlet through the outlet wheel bearing.


Note: Please refuel the running parts of the machine regularly to extend the life of the machine. When cleaning up the waste after each production, do not blow into the machine to prevent waste from entering the machine. The waste at the blade cannot be blown off. , Please use toothpicks or glue sticks to peel off to prevent blade damage.