How to use cable strippers and precautions?


How to use cable strippers 1. According to the thicknes […]

How to use cable strippers
1. According to the thickness of the cable, select the corresponding stripping knife
2. Put the prepared cable in the middle of the blade of the stripping tool and choose the length to be stripped
3. Hold the handle of the stripping tool, clamp the cable, and slowly peel off the outer skin of the cable.
4. Loosen the handle of the tool and take out the cable. At this time, the metal of the cable is neatly exposed, and the other insulating plastics are intact.


Precautions for the use of cable strippers
If you want to use the cable stripper for a long time, in addition to the standard operation when using the cable stripper, you also need to pay attention to the following ten points:
1. Do not use light-weight pliers as a hammer or knock on the pliers handle. If abused in this way, the pliers will crack, break, and the blade of the pliers will break.
2. Lubricate the pliers frequently, and add some lubricating oil to the hinges to extend the service life and ensure labor-saving.
3. Do not extend the length of the handle to obtain greater cutting force, but use larger-sized pliers or bolt cutters.
4. Do not put the pliers in an overheated place, otherwise it will cause annealing and damage the tool.
5. Pliers can not be used on nuts and screws, the effect of using a wrench will be better, and it is not easy to damage the fasteners.
6. Ordinary pliers cannot cut piano wire unless it has this function.
7. Pay attention to the warning: The rubber sleeve on the handle is to increase the comfort of use; unless it is a specific insulated handle, these rubber sleeves are not anti-electric, nor can they be used for live work.
8. Use the correct angle to cut. Don't knock the handle and head of the pliers, or curl the wire with the blade of the pliers.
9. Wear goggles to protect your eyes when cutting wires.
10. Do not use light-weight pliers to crimp hard steel wires. If you bend too thick steel wires with the head of sharp-nose pliers, the pliers will be broken. Sturdy tools should be used.