BX-30 Electric Power Tool Wire Stripper Cutter For 15-30mm Peeling Cu/Al Cable

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BX-30 Electric Power Tool Wire Stripper Cutter For 15-30mm Peeling Cu/Al Cable

The BX-30 Electric Power Tool Wire Stripper Cutter is a cutting-edge solution designed by our manufacturing experts for professionals in the electrical and cable industry. This versatile tool is engineered to meet the demands of cable stripping and cutting for a wide range of applications, offering precise and efficient performance.
At the core of the BX-30's capabilities is its electric power functionality. This feature provides consistent and reliable power for cable stripping and cutting tasks, ensuring that operators can achieve results with minimal effort. The electric power tool aspect of the BX-30 sets it apart as a reliable and high-performance solution for professionals seeking efficiency in their cable preparation processes.
One of the key highlights of the BX-30 is its compatibility with cables ranging from 15 to 30mm in diameter. This flexibility allows the tool to cater to a variety of cable sizes commonly encountered in the industry, making it a versatile choice for professionals dealing with different cable dimensions. The BX-30's ability to handle both copper (Cu) and aluminum (Al) cables adds to its adaptability in various applications.
The BX-30 excels in cable stripping with its precision design. The wire stripper feature ensures clean and accurate stripping of cable insulation without causing damage to the underlying conductors. This precision is crucial for maintaining the integrity of the cables and facilitating smooth and efficient installation processes.
Additionally, the cutter function of the BX-30 enhances its utility in cable preparation. The tool is adept at cutting cables with precision, allowing operators to achieve consistent and accurate cuts. This is particularly valuable in projects where customized cable lengths are required, contributing to overall project efficiency.
Constructed with durability in mind, the BX-30 is built to withstand the rigors of regular use in industrial environments. The robust design ensures a prolonged working life, providing professionals with a reliable and resilient tool for consistent performance over time. The durable construction of the BX-30 reflects our commitment to delivering tools that meet the standards of quality.
The BX-30 Electric Power Tool Wire Stripper Cutter is a testament to our dedication to innovation and quality in the manufacturing of cable preparation tools. With its electric power functionality, compatibility with a range of cable sizes, and precision in stripping and cutting, the BX-30 stands as a reliable solution for professionals seeking efficiency and reliability in cable processing applications.
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Products Features

1. It is mainly used for the rapid stripping of terminals and middle sections of insulated wires, overhead wires, and cables.

2. With simple operation, rapid peeling, no damage to the core, and light carrying, it is simple, intuitive, and convenient.

3. Forged from alloy steel, the blade will be sharper and more durable after heat treatment and grinding process and can be removed, replaced, and grinding.


Product Parameters
Model BX-30
Stripping range Insulation Layer of cable with dia.15-30mm
Weight: 0.65kg
Size 245*87*55mm
Product Details

1. Adjustment screw

The depth can be adjusted by rotating the screw-up according to the actual situation.

2. Crosscut

Rotate the cable so that it can cut a closed loop.

3. Score cut

Cutting should get close to the closed circle and then press.

4. Humanized handle

Rubber handles are suitable for a strong working environment.

5. Portable canvas bag packaging/Card insertion packaging


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