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What are the precautions when using hydraulic tools

Taizhou Naibo Machinery Co., Ltd. 2022.03.17
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High-pressure oil pipe: Do not bend or fold the oil pipe, check the oil pipe frequently, and replace it if it is damaged.
Dust cover and side cover: All tools have a dust cover and side cover to separate the internal moving parts from the external environment. Except for Elsen professional maintenance personnel, I hope users do not disassemble or use tools without protective covers.
Carefully maintain the wrench: Before use, check the wrench, power source, oil pipes, couplings, wires, accessories to prevent some common damages. Follow proper wrench, pump maintenance instructions. Operation and maintenance have more detailed information for reference.
Be vigilant: Be attentive at work and, according to common sense, do not use power equipment in an unstable state.
Preparation before operation: Make sure all hydraulic couplings are properly connected. Check that the hydraulic oil pipes are not tangled, and make sure that the square head drive shaft and its retaining cap are working safely and reliably.
Preparation before use: Turn the wrench to see if it functions properly. Find a fixed surface, choose a good point of action, make sure that the reaction arm is installed reliably, and ensure that the hydraulic oil pipe is not pressed. After the system is pressurized, if the wrench jumps or trembles, stop and adjust the reaction arm again to make it more secure and safe. Note: During operation, the reaction force arm should be kept clean, and there should be no foreign objects between the force arm and the active surface.
Please stick to high-quality accessories: Please use high-strength sockets, because high-quality sockets have precise dimensions and have a good fit with the nut, hidden cracks may cause the socket to break in use, so please take care of the socket properly, keep the sleeve clean during operation.
Don't use force: don't hit the socket with a hammer and add force with a tool, if the nut doesn't turn with the ratchet, use a larger wrench instead.


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