EP-1632E Battery Powered Pipe Plumbing Tool Expander Axial Pressing Tool

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EP-1632E Battery Powered Pipe Plumbing Tool Expander Axial Pressing Tool

Our EP-1632E Battery Powered Pipe Plumbing Tool. Think of it as your superhero sidekick for expanding pipes and pressing joints with ease and precision.
Effortless Pipe Expansion:
No more sweating it out! The EP-1632E effortlessly expands pipes, whether it's copper, PEX, or any other material. Say goodbye to manual struggles – this tool's axial pressing mechanism ensures a , leak-free fit every time.
Axial Pressing Precision:
Precision matters, right? The EP-1632E nails it with its advanced axial pressing technology. Connect joints with surgical precision, reduce errors, and save time and materials. It's like having a plumbing artist in your toolkit!
Battery-Powered Freedom:
Cut the cord! Our tool runs on a rechargeable battery, giving you the freedom to move without being tangled up in wires. It's not just convenient; it's your ticket to a quieter and more efficient workday.
Optimized Ergonomics:
Comfort is king! The EP-1632E's lightweight design and comfy grip ensure you can tackle jobs all day without feeling like you've been through a wrestling match. Because a happy plumber is a productive plumber!
Time-Saving Efficiency:
Time is money, right? This tool turbocharges your work speed. Get tasks done in a flash without sacrificing quality. It's the secret weapon for juggling multiple projects without breaking a sweat.
Versatile Application:
Whether you're fixing pipes at home or rocking it on an industrial site, the EP-1632E has your back. It's the Swiss Army knife of plumbing tools – versatile, reliable, and always ready for action.
Smart Tech at Your Fingertips:
Feeling fancy? Our tool comes with a smart control system. Real-time feedback on pressing force, battery life, and more – because why settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary?
Built Tough, Built to Last:
We know plumbing life can be rough. That's why we built the EP-1632E to endure the chaos. It's made of top-notch materials and tested to withstand the worst. Downtime and maintenance headaches? Not with this bad boy!
Green Plumbing Champion:
We care about the planet too! The EP-1632E is eco-friendly, with an energy-efficient battery system. Save the Earth while you conquer your plumbing challenges – it's a win-win!
The EP-1632E Battery Powered Pipe Plumbing Tool is not just a tool – it's your trusty sidekick in the plumbing adventure. Say hello to efficiency, precision, and a lot less hassle on the job. Upgrade your toolkit and let the EP-1632E make plumbing tasks a breeze.
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Product Parameters
Technical parameters
Pressing 16 -20    25-32 Expanding 1.6×2.2 20×2.8 25×3.5 32×4.4
Output 3T Net weight 2.15kg
Size 18x4x28cm Gross weight 6.15kg

Product Accessories
Model Name Weight
EP-1632E EP-1632E Clamping tool set (without calipers) 1.95kg
18V 2.5Ah lithium battery x2 0.3kg*2


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